Your credit rating. Your credit rating is details about any loans you’ve got


It covers loans such as for example mortgages, bank cards, overdrafts, employ purchase agreements and contract that is personal.

Your credit score includes details including the number of the mortgage, the outstanding quantity and any missed payments. These details is placed in a credit history.

Credit file are around for loan providers (such as for instance banking institutions and credit unions) to consult if they are considering applications for loans. The goal of the system is assist loan providers to assess the capability of borrowers to settle loans.

You may also request your credit that is own report see ‘Your credit report’ below.

In Ireland, you will find 2 databases that accumulate all about loans. They are:

The Central Credit enter additionally the ICB don’t determine whether or otherwise not you will get a loan. Lenders make use of the credit file to evaluate your application for the loan before deciding. They may additionally consider your earnings and outgoings, such as for example lease and resources. Various loan providers have various requirements for approving loans.

COVID-19 re re payment breaks

The 5 retail banking institutions (AIB, Bank of Ireland, KBC, Permanent tsb and Ulster Bank), with their representative human anatomy the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) announced a few measures to guide individuals and organizations relying on the pandemic that is COVID-19. The measures have already been extended to incorporate mortgage that is non-bank and credit servicing businesses.

Under these measures banking institutions can give a repayment break all the way to half a year for companies and individual clients. The Central Bank confirmed that in the event that you consent to a A covid-19 repayment break together with your loan provider:

You are able to find out more in regards to the give you support could possibly get from your own bank inside our document on the finances and COVID-19.

Why your credit score is indeed crucial

Whenever you make an application for that loan or other kind of credit, such as for instance a charge card, overdraft, HP or contract that is personal (PCP), the lending company needs to determine whether or otherwise not to provide to you personally.

The details on the credit file may be used to determine:

Under EU legislation, loan providers must assess your creditworthiness before agreeing to offer that loan. Creditworthiness means your capability to settle the mortgage. This evaluation should be on the basis of the information you offer in the application for the loan, and in addition on the info in your credit history.

Information in your credit file might imply that lenders could decide to not ever provide for your requirements, even although you have actually the earnings to settle the mortgage. They might refuse your loan they might be taking a high risk in lending to you if they believe.

Look at your own credit report

If you’re trying to get an overdraft, mortgage, bank card or any other variety of loan, its smart to look at your credit file before you use. It can benefit you spot any payments that are missed didn’t realize had been missed, or errors in your credit history.

Significantly, you may get wrong information corrected. You additionally have the proper to add a declaration to your credit history to describe any special scenario – see ‘Rules’ below.

What are the results if you’re refused that loan?

If you should be refused that loan due to information in your credit history, the lending company must straight away let you know this and provide you with information on the database utilized.

This relates to individual credit rating agreements for quantities between €200 and €75,000. It generally does not connect with mortgages.

Credit score databases

The Central Credit enter while the ICB database hold information that is similar your credit score, but there are lots of differences when considering them.

For lots more information on the sorts of loans contained in every one, see ‘Information held in the databases’ within the dining table below.

Central Credit Enroll

Why ended up being the Central Credit join put up?

The Central Credit enroll ended up being put up to market greater stability that is financial:

ICB database


Information held in the databases

Just exactly What loans are included?

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